A One Health Approach Tackling the Global Challenges of Drug-Resistant Infections

A Network of academics, business and public bodies, pro-actively collaborating to tackle the challenges of drug-resistant infections.

Next Event

Our events programme has been paused during the pandemic, please check out our Twitter account (@NIAMRNetwork) account for the latest information.


Collective Insight, Scientific Excellence

The multidisciplinary nature of AMR brings together a diverse range of specialisms with members from within academia, business and public sectors across Northern Ireland spanning human and animal medicine, microbiology, environmental science, diagnostics, chemistry, engineering, data analytics and public health.

Government Partnership

The Department for Health & Social Care in N. Ireland recognise the challenges posed by AMR and are keen to engage and leverage innovative approaches

Commercial Strengths

NI AMR Network is supported by leading NI based companies

Academic Strengths

We have significant expertise across both N. Ireland Universities and with the NI AMR Network we’ve created a unique platform for multi-disciplinary interaction between microbiologists, engineers, life scientists, pharmacists, medics, nurses, environmental scientists and computer analysts, allowing academics to interface with the business community and public sector bodies.

The Northern Ireland AMR Network focuses on four key themes to address the challenges of :

Diagnosing AMR

Emerging technologies will significantly speed up diagnostics of AMR related infections. The challenge will be to move these closer to the point of care and therefore provide better patient outcomes.


Acting as a reservoir for resistant organisms and resistance genes, the environment ( water, soil and animals ) plays a crucial role in the AMR cycle.

Innovative Treatments

Novel treatments and therapies provide some promise however we urgently need further research, development and commercialisation of antimicrobial compounds.

Data Analytics

The use of regional and large data analysis provides a massive opportunity and we are only beginning to understand the potential opportunity that this presents, and in particular in the area of machine learning and prediction.